The workplace is more pressured than ever. Many companies are now recognising this and ensuring that their employees have access to programmes & resources to support their mental & physical wellbeing.


I've worked in the Media & Advertising world for nearly 20 years, so I get it. I understand the pressures of a dynamic work environment, where the pace of change is phenomenal. It's so easy to get swept along without stopping to think, exciting, thrilling even. But taking time out is vital if you want to perform at your best, as your true self.  Keeping momentum, moving forwards and being true to ourselves can be difficult when we get bogged down in the day-to-day.


This is where Coaching comes in. Using similar techniques to my Personal Coaching, we work to understand your goals and intentions, what's getting in the way, and how you can be your best at work.  Or just get your head together. 

People in senior positions don't always have someone they can turn to, as they're often expected to be the ones with the answers - Coaching can often be the channel  for them to  work through everything, away from the pressures. 

Bur workplace Coaching isn't the preserve of senior teams, Coaching can be effective all the way through a company, helping everyone perform at their best - no matter or level or experience. We can all benefit from stepping off the treadmill and checking in on ourselves. Which ultimately makes for stronger, happier, more motivated teams.