It's (mostly) down to you! 

Coaching works best when you are committed, open and are prepared to be honest with yourself. The things that are holding you back may not always be obvious and it often takes time to uncover them. My role is to lead, probe and question at the right times and in the right areas, so that you can make connections and understand yourself more. Only when we really understand ourselves can we move forward in a way that's true to ourselves.


To get technical - I am trained in 'Psychodynamic' Coaching , which allows us to get to the bottom of  what's really going on. It's about understanding the whole person and the whole context - because all elements of our lives are intertwined and affect one another, we don't operate in silo's of ourselves. 

In our sessions we take time to work through not only intentions, but anxieties and  blockages.  At times it might be difficult, scary and uncomfortable, but other times you might feel like you're ready to take on the world.