Coaching for the New Normal


Here we are in Lockdown and we are all finding ourselves adapting to this strange new world. And it’s tough, right?

We are all having to adopt new ways of being that work for us, and our families.  Figuring this all out, and how to fit everything in, can feel overwhelming.

Having some time to ourselves to think, plan, and feel like we’re in control is mega-important for our mental wellbeing, productivity and happiness right now.

So I’m offering a Coaching Power Hour to give you time & space to stop and think, outside of the day-to-day.

Maybe you use it to plan your next week, create a routine, or work out what to prioritise. Or maybe you want to take this opportunity to plan for the future. Either way, Coaching will give you the opportunity, time & space to do this.

I’m holding sessions over Zoom (obvs) – they will last 1 hour and they will help you feel more in control and able to make decisions.

1 session will cost £55 (a reduction on my normal hourly rate). If you are a Critical Worker then my time is free for you.  If you fancy more than one session, a block of 4 will cost £200 and will be valid for 4 months.

Get in touch for a no obligation chat. Usually I’d buy you a coffee, but you’ll have to make your own for now I’m afraid ;)

Janine Green Coaching